Thursday, June 10, 2010

I just saw the spider from Hell.

I cannot describe how awful it was at this moment . . .

. . . pictures to come . . .

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Overheard phone conversation

"Have you seen the new movie The Soloist? It's really good. It has one of the men you want to have sex with. Robert Downey Jr."

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I forgot what- Stream of Consciousness writing

I'm going to write stream of consciousness wring. That was not a very smoothe first sentence. Eh, at least it got me started. I need to put on music. I can hear James Bond through the wall. That sounds bad. Ah, that music- it is all better now. Now what do I say? When writing stream of consciousness writing, do you edit your thoughts? That sounds bad, but I do mean it. I keep forgetting the i in writing. This could go on for a long time. Maybe too long. I think I'm getting repetitive. Blogger has an auto save. It frightens me, but I think that it is a good idea. Why did I spell smooth with an e on it above? That is funky. Funky in a good way. I think it looks better with an e at the end. C'mon music, start the next song. I want a koka. No on will know what that is. Maybe I should tell them. Perhaps I should explain my train of thought that led me to that declaration. That is part of the problem with stream of consciousness writing. You sometimes must explain things that make perfect sense to you. In order to full explain this, I must take a short intermission. Excuse me- why am I asking for you to excuse me- let's not get into that--- Intermission continues-

Heh- let's offer no explanation, and keep them guessing. that's all that matters, anyway. These are my thoughts, and I can think whatever I wanna think. At least, that's what I was under the impression I was able to do. What if I'm wrong. Oh, horror! People reading your thoughts. Let's change the subject. Do I really say 'let's change the subject' when I'm really thinking? I shall have to pay closer attention to that. Is this really stream of consciousness writing? How much more streamy can it get? Ha, let's take out that 'r.' Yeah, that's more like it. Now I am trying to think of worthy thoughts to write down, besides 'my neck is/was itching.' Is slash was? I . . . great thoughts suffer not to come my direction. Let's take a vitamin c. Oh no. I'm doing that let's thing again. They're going to think you're crazy, just me. Change subject, do not use let's, we, or you in reference to self. Self in singular. Selves is plural. It's a lonely world. My face itched. I don't want to say that. You did just say it. Yeah. Again- 'it's a lonely world.' I just quoted myself. Everyone is going to think that I am crazy. I think that I would rather be slightly crazy and eccentric but happy, than a normal loser who is unhappy. Let's all forget that I said that, and this let's means you and I. Oh! I feel poetic! Make it stop! But no, I prefer feeling poetic to other things. I like this music. How fast can I type? I have to look a the keyboard. The thoughts, they come faster and faster, racing for the destiny of the blog! Whatever shall happen next?! Let's make a new paragraph for ease of reading

I usually don't write this much. I hope that it does not hurt anyone's eyes to read this because I have nearly white type on a black background. I have two Black Mamba energy drink bottles on my desk. I shall try not to become an energy drink junkie. Let's change subject. Ooh! I just read back over my thoughts, and they are interesting! That was probably a bit too positive of a positive self-talk. Post-it notes. No- I don't want to think about that- not post-it notes, something else. I bet Jedi robes are comfortable. I would like one. I would like a Yoda backpack. Then I could run around with it. People will probably think badly of it, and think that it is strange, but who says they don't think that way of me, any way? Ha, let's just forget them and have fun. Looking-glass self. Is that really who I want to be? Who else am I supposed to be? Be happy. No. There is a song. I don't like it when some songs get stuck in my head. I like this music. I want her other CD. It has 'Koka' on it. My desk is littered with uncomfortable things I want to forget. So then let's forget them. I don't want to think about it. Antibacterial hand gel. It might disinfect your hands, but it does not make them clean. Only water will. I find psychological disorders fascinating, but let's not get into that, or people shall think that you have one. People!

People, people everywhere
All at me they sit and stare
Without manners, without care!
You stupid people everywhere!

I said that I was feeling poetic. Sometimes it just comes, but the moment needs to be right. The words, they just come to me so easily. Now they shall think that you are a freak. Freak. Why do people call other people freaks? I think that my thoughts are getting too deep, and must be censored before public consumption. Consumption? That is . . . perhaps not the best word choice.

Oh! It's Christmas music time! I should put some of that in. I would like to go off to a snowy world somewhere. I like snow. My family doesn't. I have always felt a little bit of guilt over that. It is like I cannot share such a simple commonality with them as that. Is commonality a word, or did I make it up? It could become a word. Many words that were not are, or become. It is a word. Spell check says it is. Spell check don't know everything, so if spell check knows a word, you betcha that word is. Is real. Let's be theoretical. No, I think that it has passed. I know of some groovy music. I like that word. It's retro, but it has such deep meaning and feeling to it. It is from before my time, and yet during my time as well. I was born in retro times. It's a sobering thought.